Elaph Media acquires full-service marketing agency Low&Behold

Elaph Media plc has acquired Low&Behold, an independent, full-service UK-based marketing agency. UK-based media tech and content company Elaph, which owns English and Arabic online news channel, recently announced to investors its growth strategy, with plans to become one of the leading global producers of media content for Arabic and English language readers by […]

Founder & Journalist Othman Al Omeir announces Elaph’s investment in AI Technology

A new leap into innovative technology after nearly a quarter of a century since its publication Elaph is the first Arabic-language newspaper to invest in Artificial Intelligence  Elaph has taken a pioneering step, relying on its long media history and an international network of writers, journalists, and editors, towards achieving its vision of becoming one […]

Elaph Media plc appoints Investor Relations Team

Deon Gerber and Selvan Saha have been appointed to head the Investor Relations team as part of Elaph Media’s strategy to diversify their business and monetise their core offerings. The former stockbrokers and management consultants will provide strategic consultancy, working with investors who have an interest in the MENA region and specifically the media and creative industries. Elaph’s CEO Mr Emile […]

Elaph Media plc appoints Debrett’s Private Finance as Corporate Financial Advisors

UK based Corporate Finance firm, Debrett’s Private Finance (‘DPF’) has been appointed by Elaph Media plc to diversify its business and monetise its core offering. The DPF team comprises its Chairman, Darryl Eales, who joins the board of Elaph as a Non-Executive Director to provide ongoing strategic advice. Darryl brings a wealth of experience of […]

Elaph Media plc introduces Board Directors and Leadership Team

Elaph Media plc, one of the leading global producers of news, entertainment and lifestyle content for Arabic and English audiences, is pleased to announce the appointment of its Board Directors and leadership team. CEO Mr Emile Isaac confirmed that the Board will comprise of himself and Caledonia Edmund, Director of International Partnerships and Darren Eales […]