Elaph Media plc appoints Debrett’s Private Finance as Corporate Financial Advisors

UK based Corporate Finance firm, Debrett’s Private Finance (‘DPF’) has been appointed by Elaph Media plc to diversify its business and monetise its core offering. The DPF team comprises its Chairman, Darryl Eales, who joins the board of Elaph as a Non-Executive Director to provide ongoing strategic advice. Darryl brings a wealth of experience of investing in, and growing, companies during a highly successful career as the CEO of Lloyds Development Capital, Lloyds Private Equity arm. Additional support and advice are provided by James England and Burhan Ahmed Zoarder, who will also work alongside Elaph as it delivers its plan to become the leading global producers of news, entertainment and lifestyle content for Arabic and English audiences in the Middle East.

‘The DPF team have been fundamental in establishing a solid foundation for Elaph’s strategy for growth and we are delighted to have their continued support,’ Elaph Media plc CEO Mr Emile Isaac commented. He continued ‘We are also extremely pleased to welcome Darryl as Non-Executive Director. His experience and knowledge complements our Board of Directors as well as broadening our horizons.’

For more information about Debrett’s Private Finance visit debrettspf.com.