Artificial Intelligence

Initially launching in the UK and the Middle East,’s chat platform, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 architecture, will bridge the English and Arabic speaking worlds. With its bilingual platform operating across complex linguistics, Elaph will then focus on other languages such as Japanese, Korean, Farsi and Hebrew providing a convenient and efficient way to communicate, learn and engage across multiple languages.  The platform’s AI technology ensures that the chat experience is seamless and personalized, allowing users to engage in natural conversations with the system.

Elaph’s strategic utilisation of AI technologies aims to transform the news experience for users by offering personalised, engaging, and in-depth content. The implementation of virtual news commentators, smart news readers, political analysis apps, trends indicators, and social impact reports will not only enhance Elaph’s news offerings but also strengthen its position as a leading news service and content provider. As AI continues to evolve, Elaph’s commitment to innovation will ensure its sustained success and relevance in an increasingly competitive media landscape.

Elaph aims to leverage AI to develop political analysis applications that provide users with in-depth insights into the political landscape. These applications can analyze vast amounts of data from multiple sources, such as news articles, social media, and expert opinions, to identify trends, forecast electoral outcomes, and assess policy impacts. In addition AI-powered trend indicators can help Elaph identify and track emerging news stories and patterns across various topics, such as economy, technology, and culture.

The Opportunity will operate on a hybrid model generating revenue through a monthly or annual subscription for premium content, whilst free access is given to basic features. These features will include text and voice chat, basic language learning tools and access to general information. Premium features include advanced language learning tools, customised recommendations and access to a much wider range of information. Additional revenue will be generated from partnerships and sponsorships with businesses and organisations who are targeting the same markets.