Our Strategy

The Group’s long-term strategy is based on three pillars:


Elaph, just as its founder did in 2001, continues to embrace innovation and the potential of cutting-edge technology. By leveraging technologies, such as AI, Elaph aims to constantly innovate, improving and providing a more personalized, engaging and informative experience for its users.


Elaph’s reach has expanded across the MENA region with its core publishing services available in Arabic, Farsi, Turkish and English. It continues to focus on operating in regions where there is more opportunity to gain significant market share.


The fundamental business philosophy, established over two decades ago, is to operate independently and this resolutely continues under the PLC. With services based out of the UK, Elaph provides stability and security to its consumers and investors in an uncertain world.

The Group focuses on key three focus areas to support it’s long-term strategy.


The Group works with innovators and developers, collaborating with partners to deliver a combination of future-proof back-engine software and future-prepping on-trend applications that provide a monetized and enhanced user experience.


Media and content is at the core of Elaph. In 2022 the business signed a JV with the Financial Times to publish its luxury magazine, HTSIA, for Arabic readers. Two decades earlier Elaph.com was launched as an independent media hub with free access to independent news. Today it also publishes text, video and audio content.


The audited circulation of Elaph.com combined with HTSIA’s subscribers, provides the Group with a wealth of knowledge about its consumers. This data provides detailed insights into individual and community trends enabling the Group to tap into knowledge that supports the successful launch of services and products or research for early market offerings in its target markets. 

The PLC team is responsible for strategy, intent and focus. The professionals who make this real sit within the Group’s three business lines who deliver publishing, events and marketing services.