About us

Elaph Media plc produces online news, entertainment and lifestyle content in Arabic for a diverse audience of over one and a half million regular readers and was the first independent Arabic newspaper to be published online, founded by journalist and publisher Othman Al Omeir in *1999.

In 2021 Elaph was pleased to announce a partnership between its publications business and the Financial Times jointly publishing the FT’s multi award-winning luxury magazine HTSI (How to Spend It) in Arabic, known as HTSIA, to all Arabic speaking countries of MENA/Gulf. The printed magazine is distributed in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, KSA and Morocco. HTSIA online is available throughout the world.

As Elaph continues to grow it will launch innovative new products bringing the metaverse and the Arabic media world together, creating opportunities for additional revenue streams and partnerships; it will re-invest in technology keeping ahead of the curve, as it did 23 years ago, when its founder forecast the explosion of online news; it will support young new creatives establish their careers through the Elaph Foundation; it will expand into new territories as the FT relationship grows; and it will continue to operate from Europe ensuring freedom from regional censorship.

Building upon its success to date Elaph will become one of the leading global producers of media content for Arabic and English language readers, without losing sight of the value it brings to its readers through its philosophy of independence, truth and unbiased news.

*Elaph Publishing Limited was set up in 1999. Elaph.com was launched on 21 May 2001.